12 Masks
of Fire Drums

Read our 12 Masks of Fire Drums Slot Review.


12 Masks
of Fire Drums

Read our 12 Masks of Fire Drums Slot Review.


12 Masks of Fire Drums

GameBurger Studios invites all slot players and fans to join the tribe of fire in their latest installment of the Mask of Fire Drums series, 12 Masks of Fire Drums. This latest slot game in their catalogue followed the massively successful 9 Masks of Fire and was created in collaboration with Microgaming, making it available on all platforms that support the game distributor’s games and offerings.


The prequel, 9 Masks of Fire, had a powerful African theme and allowed players to immerse themselves in the African wilderness. This latest installment takes the former game’s slot symbols with tribal aesthetics and vibrant colours and combines them with new elements. These include fire drums that play a significant role in the game’s cultural immersion.

12 Masks of Fire Drums is a 5-reel, 3-row slot game with 20 paylines that immerses players into the vibrant African Wilderness, where each spin is accompanied by the sound of majestic drums. The graphics and animations are top-notch, matching those of other wildly successful slot games.

Features and Specifications

This slot game has an RTP (Return to Player) of 96%, which is at par with other games of its caliber, but it has a very high volatility. This combination allows a balance of the size of the payouts and their frequency, making it fair for all players.

The game caters to players with different bankrolls, with the bets starting at $0.20 and going up to $80. Note that these amounts will vary depending on the currency you use to play this slot game at your favourite online casino.

Symbols and Key Features

12 Masks of Fire Drums has several symbols that trigger wins in the base and bonus games.

The Drum Symbol

The first is the Fire Drums Symbol, which allows players to climb the Epic Strike Jackpot Tower. The game developers have enhanced this feature by providing 12 price levels, with the topmost reward now being 3000x your initial stake.

Players can retrigger free spins in this feature, and the game multiplies all line wins by the Rising reward Multiplier. They can collect these Rising rewards multipliers in the game to boost their free spins in different game features.

These multipliers increase up to 10x, and players get a 1x to 4x multiplier once they return to the base game when the Free Spins Bonus round ends.

The Mask Symbol

The second symbol is the Mask that players can collect in the African Savannah in the base game. Collecting enough masks opens up the Epic Adventure bonus feature where players can also win up to 3000x their initial stake.

This feature is also enhanced compared to its counterpart in 9 Masks of Fire, heightening the excitement and fun and making this a much better option and experience for players who have played the prequel.

The Fire Drum Symbol

Landing any Free Fire Drum symbols while playing using the free spins awards bonus free rounds. It also increases the chance of winning the 300X jackpot in this feature.


Like other slot games, 12 Masks of Fire Drums has a wild symbol. Once players collect Pot features in the base game, they can get guaranteed wins when they land wilds when playing the Epic Strike Tower Bonus.

Multilingual and Mobile Device Support

12 Masks of Fire Drums is available in different languages, which is an excellent feature because it helps players worldwide to enjoy it. The slot game is also available on all mobile devices through a compatible web browser in addition to being available through different casino websites on desktops.

Players who wish to play the game on mobile do not have to download the game to play.

12 Masks of Fire Drums is a fun game for those who enjoy easy game mechanics, fun games, and immersive gameplay. It follows the prequel quite well, so it is easy to conclude that you will love this slot game if you like 9 Masks of Fire. With additions like an exciting drum bonus and a random chance to trigger the free spins, this is a slot game that every slot fan should try.